Symphony Illuminates is established since 24th May 2007. We grew to be one of the leading visual media company in Malaysia specializing in LED screens (also known as LED display solutions).

Our company is growing at a fast pace and has the potential to comprehensively cover LED’s increasing demand in Malaysia and its neighboring countries. We assure the best solutions for our clients as we gather the best components from established manufacturers.

Symphony Illuminates is formed by a team of specialist in its field of display that constantly. The team is dedicated to uncover new technologies in the market to assure quality and yet affordable products to our clients. Despite of having extensive experience and product knowledge, the team continues to innovate designs and systems to meet demands.

The consultation team are trained and equipped with the latest products knowledge to provide consultation services to clients. The team will provide professional advises and tailored solutions based on your requirement and budget allocated. After sales services will be provided, making us a one-stop solution in the visual market.

LED Screen Rental

Symphony Illuminates is a leading provider of LED screen rental in Malaysia. All of our LED screens use state of the art technology, which coupled with the expertise of our skilled team, ensures we always deliver quality service for your event. We supply our award winning LED screen rental services to the world’s leading brands, sporting events and festivals.

Indoor LED Display

We provide full range of indoor LED displays solutions to server every part of the market. We deliver cost-effective indoor LED displays solution if you’re looking for a sleek, flat, fixed LED display for your indoor application. Our indoor LED screens are manufactured using the highest quality LED components offering stunning brightness, contrast and colour reproduction.

Outdoor LED Display

Symphony Illuminates delivers rugged outdoor LED displays solutions that deliver high-resolution images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels. Our outdoor LED display solutions are applicable for outdoor events such as concerts, festivals and gatherings. Out outdoor LED displays are available in various pixel pitches, they generate the perfect picture at all times, even in direct sunlight.


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