Advice on LED Screen design and customization. Architecture design with IR certification endorsement. Assist in license application. Provide input and advice on content and marketing efforts. Advice on logistic equipment selection.


On-site measurement, signalling, lighting protection, earthing and sound system works, CCTV installation, LED Screen control unit integration system, Structure fabrication works, Switch board fabrication works, LED Screen fabrication & installation works, LED Architecture Lighting and Media Façade fabrication &installation works, Testing and commissioning.


Install & dismantle LED screen according to event schedule, Standby technicians throughout the duration of events. Liaising with event organizers. Suitable for events, concerts, conferences, road shows, expos etc.

Content Management

To upload and manage the content on behalf to ensure the timing, screen ratio, output quality are as per requirement of client.

Color Calibration

Color calibration is a process to measure or adjust the color of the LED screen back to it’s normal color coding. This process will improve the LED screen color evenly between one module to another and will directly improve on the clarity of the entire LED screen.

Repair & Maintenance

Mechanical and structural repair works. Signalling and cabling repair. Parts replacements. LED software programming. LED system troubleshooting. After sales technical support. 24 hours service response time

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