Media Facade is an integration of architecture technology and lighting technique using LEDs. It combines the LED hardware with the building’s architectural structure and show the dynamic lighting effect with it’s software. This makes the building emit a futuristic feel with this concept. LED’s is now fast becoming a new kind of the building facade material and can be used in the construction sector widely. Media Facade technique is the new revolutionary concept in architectural design and construction design due to its flexible nature.


Working with our partner AHL, one of the earliest companies to start researching on media facade, we divide media facade into 6 key areas:

Lighting Fixture

There are many type and designs of LED modules which contain the LED pixels. The type of LEDs to be used will be determined by the project. This is because Parameter Lighting fixture such as brightness, colour, size and lifetime will be determined by what is the outcome required by the project.




Control System

The control system is the key factor of the effect in media facade. Currently in the market of this industry there are no specific controllers dedicated for facade lighting. Symphony developed a system solely for LED media facade applications.





Power Supply

With year of experience, our R&D team has developed a centralized LED power supply system with Emerson Network Power. With this system, it may support up to 100 meters distance with no drop in the brightness of the LEDs or occur any pixel instability. Such system may be placed either on the roof or on the ground as and where it deems fit. This design keeps the wall in tact and tidy.



A study of the building is conducted by its drawings to determine the best method of installation. Symphony Illuminates has developed a special installation system called the “Clipping system” which does not require drilling to the building. This reduces the risk of damaging the building itself especially if the building has already been constructed.


Optical Material

Direct light gives people only two different senses; brightness and colour. Ever changing effects can be achieved by using different kinds of the optical material through the LEDs, which is one of the major charms of Media facade.





Content Effect

The Media Facade can produce exciting and spectacular effects. Video animations, 3D effects on buildings as well as interactive content can be done on this Media Facade.






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