What to Look for in Outdoor LED Display

LED displays are specifically designed for outdoor or indoor use. There are 2 main things that differentiate an outdoor LED display from an indoor LED displays. Outdoor LED displays have weather durability and are designed to function properly in extreme weather conditions while indoor units are not designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. The second factor is the display intensity. Outdoor LED displays are designed to be bright enough for outdoor ambient light conditions, while indoor units are not bright enough. This is a guide to help people in selecting the best outdoor LED display units based on their requirements.


a. Character size on LED Displays:

Before anything else, think about the target audience. Are they on foot? If, target audience is driving, what is the speed limit on the road? How close the target audience will pass through the display? Getting an idea on these beforehand will help to decide on the character size of the LED display unit.

Different type of audiences requires different sizes of text messages. In order to comprehend a message on the LED display, one must have enough time to read it. The concept of size appropriate messages is easy to understand when the minimum and maximum viewing distance and the speed at which the target audience is travelling are considered. 8" to 12" character size is sufficient for outdoor LED display units for people driving and walking, if it is on the main street. For longer distances, whether from a highway or a road, the most appropriate character size would be 14" to 24".


b. Brightness:

For outdoor LED display units full color display brightness is greater than or equal to 4000cd/m2, and if the outdoor unit is against the sun, then it should be much greater than or equal to 6500cd/m2. The brightness of an LED display are often determined by LED and LED chip and are measured using luminance calorimeter.


c. Size of the LED screen display:

The size of the outdoor LED display is important to find out the resolution per square meter we have to set for the screen. One factor that you could not neglect when buying an outdoor LED display is the screen resolution. This is necessary to avoid low quality videos with very little details in it or high quality videos that are not necessary. The LEDs display’s resolution per square meter depends on a variable called pixel pitch which shows the distance between the LED's in millimeters. With an increase in the distance of the LED's, the resolution will keep on decreasing. In short, small display screens require larger resolution to get the complete resolution of the screen and vice versa.


d. The type of content for the LED display:

Understanding the needs and wants of communication is a very important factor in determining the right product for a specific application. Questions like; Will the display shows only text or also includes graphics? How many lines of copy will need to be displayed at one time? Will the display show video images? What kind of information is communicated to the target audience? Answers to the above questions will help the user choose the right technology, according to their needs and requirements.

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