Why Choose LED Screens From Symphony?

Despite the fact that Symphony Illuminates is a relatively new business that has been in the field for only 6 years, it has already managed to build a name for itself by offering a variety of LED screens and products, both for indoor and for outdoor applications. LED technology is highly appreciated nowadays due to its numerous benefits: LED products are not only very eco-friendly and energy-efficient, but very cost-effective to operate in the long haul as well. Slowly but surely, the company is growing and expanding its array of products and services, and it is now trying to cover not just the market in Malaysia but the one from the surrounding countries as well.

Even though the LED industry is a highly competitive market sector where thousands of businesses struggle to stand out from the rest, not all of them are as successful as Symphony Illuminates, which offers top-notch products and has partnerships with different supply providers. At the same time, the company works only with skilled and highly trained specialists who work to improve the LED technology even further, and who can offer professional consultancy services to those who have decided to implement LED systems.

Are you looking for a team of professionals who are always up to date with the latest news and innovations, a team with whom you can develop a strong and long-lasting professional relationship? Do you want a consultation team that will help you choose the best LED screen Malaysia for your business, at the most affordable prices? If so, then Symphony Illuminates is exactly what you need!


Brief Overview of the LED Products Offered By Symphony Illuminates

As mentioned above, Symphony Illuminates can offer a plethora of different products that are suitable both for indoor and for outdoor use. The indoor screens are slim, lightweight and professionally-looking, they can be either mobile or flexible and they are made from flexible and easy-to-install materials. The indoor products are suitable for airports, malls, indoor displays and advertising and so on.

The outdoor products, on the other hand, are weatherproof and they can also be fixed or mobile. These LED panels can deliver a brightness level of up to 12,000 lumens, they are easy to maintain and use in the long run and they are perfect for outdoor advertising, stadiums and any other application that requires a steady, solid LED screen that will be installed in open air.

Symphony Illuminates also specializes in LED products that are especially designed for architectural lighting purposes. These products are designed to provide efficient and targeted lighting that aims to emphasize on a certain building or architectural element. The bottom purpose of these systems is to add to the overall illumination of buildings, this is why it is commonly used by engineers and architects for important projects. There is no better way to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a building than by using architectural LED lighting systems, not to mention that these systems are especially designed to help you save money over the years – all you need to do is to invest in the initial system and then you do not need to worry about high maintenance costs.

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